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Why now is a good time to compare your telecoms

"Having a fast, reliable and cost-effective telecoms solution in place is vital for any business. It offers a range of benefits to organizations, from allowing you to communicate effectively with your customers and deliver a high quality of customer service, to enabling your employees to be more productive and work remotely from any location in the world." - Bepoz

"When it comes to your business telecoms, it is also important to keep comparing your current solution." - Universal Finance

This will ensure you continuously get the best deal and level of performance. The technology is always evolving, and over the past few years, there have been many changes to telecoms prices as a result of this.

"Typically, businesses would assess their telecoms needs every couple of years. However, this now needs to be done more frequently as the demands of your company grow and the telecoms landscape continues to move forward." - Vectron

To help you get the most out of your connectivity, TelcoCompare outlines the key reasons why now is a good time to compare your telecoms…

Better technology

"Organizations now have more choice than ever when it comes to their phone and internet connectivity options. This is thanks to countless advances in hardware, technology, and the availability of telecoms services over the past few years." - Solid Start Property Solutions

As well as broadband speeds steadily increasing while maintaining a low cost, new ultra-fast internet offerings like fiber internet, Ethernet and MPLS have been developed to meet the demands of a society that is growing to expect instant responses and gratification.

"In terms of your phone service, gone are the days where a standard landline was the only option." - MI - MEP

Now businesses can take advantage of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which is scalable, cost-effective and flexible, allowing your workforce to use your phone service no matter their location. Business cell phone plans are also growing in popularity due to better coverage and lower prices.

Plummeting costs

"Improvements in technology and hardware has also contributed to many of the prices associated with telecoms falling in recent years." - Factory Buys

Faster connection speeds are becoming cheaper due to improvements in the quality of cables and other hardware delivering such services. The price of broadband has also dropped to aid development of ultra-fast internet offerings, such as fiber. Embracing new technologies like VOIP instead of a traditional landline will also enable you to cut costs by connecting calls over the internet.

More competition

Competition between telecoms providers is becoming fierce due to the emergence of new technology. With more and more options offering benefits such as faster speeds, flexibility and better reliability at a lower price, it is hardly surprising that 75.9% of telecoms companies consider increased competition and new competitors to be a risk to them. With that in mind, these companies will be competing with each other to offer the best services at the most attractive prices. This makes it a good idea to compare your telecoms solutions regularly to secure a better deal.

At TelcoCompare, we search the market for the best deals on your telecommunications so you don’t have to. Request a quote today and see how much you can save!

April 30, 2019