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The importance of connection quality under an SD-WAN

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networks) has become a prevalent topic in technology and business enterprises in recent years. This software is used to manage the Wide Area Network,including virtualized aspects such as routers and firewalls.

For businesses, SD WAN is a top choice as its help to lower costs and improve productivity. In a recent survey conducted by IPC, they discovered that more mid-sized companies are embracing the SD-WAN infrastructure. Some of the main reasons for this included bandwidth optimization, application security and improved automation including several others.

Traditional WAN applications are not designed to cope with the demands of new cloud-based systems. There are a number of top benefits of switching to SD-WAN for businesses including:


Improved application performance

For any company (in particular,organizations that operate from several locations), having a reliable connection for business applications is essential. WAN has often been known for unreliability and bandwidth constraint. However, SD WAN offers sophisticated techniques that provide better resource allocation, improved user experience,and ultimately, lower costs. SD WAN enables enterprises to manage local CPE and take the opportunity of shorter routes to applications and platforms.


Improving business responsiveness

Everything is moving at a fast pace –especially in the business world. Where organizations rely heavily on fast connectivity and applications, WAN bandwidth has some noticeable constraints.By moving to cloud-based software, SD-WAN can provide a quick and reliable connection, which is also secure.


Increased application availability

In WAN settings, applications are generally mapped to a single WAN service. This can affect availability and efficiency. For systems that are configured to SD WAN, multiple tunnels deliver different levels of priority. This network ensures that critical applications are routed via high-quality connections while less-important applications a resent via low-rung connections.


Reducing costs

One of the fundamental aspects of upgrading to SD-WAN is the cost savings achieved. This network is less expensive than traditional WAN systems. Plus, SD-WAN is used with public circuits such as DSL, Ethernet, and cable that are comparable to speeds produced by MPLS connections, but at a fraction of the cost.


Why is it important to have a good quality connection under SD-WAN?

As SD WAN runs on several Internet access types including wireless, fiber and Ethernet, it is essential to ensure connection quality is optimized. The nature of this network configures traffic to utilize the most robust connections. However, it does rely on the bandwidth to some degree. Choosing a provider that guarantees a strong connection in your SLA will help to overcome connection issues for reduced downtime.


SD WAN is a cost-effective solution compared to traditional WAN and MPLS. It efficiently accommodates cloud and mobile computing requirements and enables you to scale your business with ease.  


If you’re looking to customize your network and would like to improve the productiveness of your organizations with SD WAN, contact us today for a quote.

January 14, 2019