Some businesses are ‘cell only’. Could yours be?

Over the last decade, the advancements in mobile technology have made products and services available to worldwide audiences at the touch of a button. With this immediate and impulsive way of accessing data and information, businesses are becoming more agile to take advantage of this changing attitude for a productive and pivotal way of working. In recent years, several small and medium organizations are adjusting to this changing market and taking the reigns in a cell only business structure.

What is a cell only business?

The notion of a cell only business for some may seem a little far-fetched, but it is becoming an increasingly popular way to run a company, especially with the range of apps and project management tools available. A ‘cell only’ business is exactly as the name suggests; business owners and team members carrying out operations using cell phones and handy apps.


The logistics of cell only businesses

Mobile technology has advanced exponentially in recent years, and a cell phone does a lot more than just make traditional voice calls. The resources available to cell phone users enables business owners and team members to collaborate on projects and manage functions, including everything from document sign offs to secure payment processing. You also don’t have to rely on WiFi either due to fast 4G networks making remote working possible around the globe.

What our experts had to say about remote working

"Great for employees who seek to work from home or a different location, reduced office costs and location costs, enhances appeal as an employer of choice, your business can operate from anywhere, the list goes on..." - Raeleen Kaesehagen, Founder of mudputty

"Without needing to commute and having little distraction in the way of meetings or office conversations that pull you out of what you're working on, you have the entire day to just work on whatever tasks you need to get done." - Sophie McAulay, Content Marketing & Growth Strategist at AND CO from Fiverr

"The demand for work at home jobs is high, so we are able to recruit highly qualified employees and they typically are motivated to want to keep their jobs, so work ethic hasn't been an issue." - Heather Thomas, Owner of Destin Vacation Boat Rentals


The benefits of cell only businesses

There are several benefits for companies that are looking to move to a cell only structure. Some of the most identified advantages include the flexibility and automation that can take place to increase productiveness, but this style of working also helps to bring teams together more collaboratively. Employees may not be physically together, but dedicated apps and tools ensure everyone has a fluid and transparent view of any projects and progress.

This company structure also allows employees to have a flexible workload and gives them the ability to manage their own time, which in turn improves the relationship and trust between co-workers and organizations.

There can be some drawbacks to this style of business, including the risk of data theft. The possibility of cell phones going missing or potentially falling into the wrong hands could cause some issues. Although this is a significant aspectto consider, there are solutions to prevent the misuse or theft of data such as password protection and enabling tracking.


Things to consider when running a cell only business

Moving to this style of working is achievable with the right tools and resources. Apps and devices have to be user-centric to ensure that your team is able to carryout tasks productively. Plus considering the type of cell phone plan your business is using is crucial for getting the best price for your desired usage.

Comparing prices for business cell phone plans can help to determine the type of services you need for your budget. Take a look Telco Compare to get an idea of costs and services for your cell only business requirements.

This style of business is growing rapidly, and thinking about it could work for your company could transform the future of your organization.

Monday, December 10, 2018
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