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How to encourage customers to call you from your website

Having a great company website is vital for a number of reasons, but the most important is that it will give users the information they need to visit your premises, make an enquiry, or make the decision to purchase one of your products or services. Put simply, an effective company website should generate leads, and one of the main channels that these are received through is traditional phone calls.

Though you should be encouraging customers to make online sales, driving calls is still one of the most effective ways for businesses to generate conversions from their websites. According to a report from Invoca, phone calls have a 30 to 50% conversion rate, and there are many reasons for this. People like verbal interactions because they’re more personal, making them favoured when committing to a high value purchase such as taking out a new insurance policy or booking a holiday.

Additional benefits of phone calls is that they’re quicker and they reduce the risk of miscommunication and subsequent misunderstandings. This is something that could easily happen through emails as you are unable to detect a person’s tone when liaising with them through this channel. With the increasing use of cell phones and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), phone calls can also be conducted on the go, which is advantageous for the busy modern worker. with VOIP, you just need to plug in your phone and start making phone calls, so you can conduct business calls wherever you are.

Long story short, you should never underestimate the importance of the right phone call. Here are our top tips to help you encourage customers to call you from your website…

Start with the basics

If you have a company website, its telephone number and other contact information will be listed on there somewhere. However, it isn’t just enough to have this included in the footer or hidden away on the contact page; your phone number should be quick and easy to find at every opportunity. "To make sure it’s one of the first things people see when they visit your website and that they can find it when they need it, make it big, make it bold and put it in your header." - Digital Pigeon

Casey Bryan, SEO and Google Ads Specialist at Grand Cru Digital, offers the following advice: "Alongside making sure your phone number is easily accessible from any page on your website and clickable for people on mobile devices, I would highly recommend using a tool like Google Optimize to A/B test things like the placement of your phone number, the button/font/icon colour, the size of the text, and more.

"By running split tests and analysing conversion data, you'll be able to continually look to improve on the number of calls your business can receive."

Add ‘click-to-call’ functionality

"One of the simplest yet most effective ways of enticing your customers to call you from your website is by creating a Click-To-Call (CTC) widget." - Ryan Underwood.

The majority of people now browse the web on the go through mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones. Between 2016 and 2017, mobile web visits grew from 57% to 63% and the percentage of time spent on sites by mobile users increased from 40% to 49%. Mobile browsing is something that is only going to keep growing, so you should accommodate for this by adding a ‘click-to-call’ function to your website. When this is clicked on, it initiates a call, making it quicker and easier for current and potential customers to connect with your business.

Rebecca Caldwell, SEO Strategist and Project Manager at Mash Media, says: "I've worked in SEO as a specialisation for about 8 years. Prior to that I was the marketing manager at a training company. Having your phone number, with a click-to-call (telephone link) code prominently on your home page can absolutely increase your phone call conversions. However, it can also reduce the page depth of your traffic. If you see a lot more phone call conversions but overall traffic is down, that's okay! It means the customer no longer needed to search around your site for info."

Laetitia Caron from Medical Search, adds: "We recently implemented V2 of our call-back feature, and it turned out to be a success (while not impacting our number of email leads or direct calls). By focussing on the word expert ("get a callback from an expert"), people really see the advantage of asking for a callback, rather than calling immediately and maybe not speaking to the right person."

Make the most of landing pages

Published a great blog post that mentions a product or service you offer? Include your business phone number at the end of the piece; you never know who may call to make an enquiry off the back of this. In a similar vein, make sure your phone number is clearly displayed on any landing pages that your ads and social media posts direct them to, and ensure they feature a clear CTA (or Call-to-Action), such as ‘call us for your free quote’. 

"A great CTA will be action-orientated and to the point, and it will directly address the reader." - Da Ricardo's

Set-up call tracking

It’s all well and good encouraging calls from your website, but to generate better results in future, you need to determine what drive these conversions. Setting up call tracking on your website will give you valuable insights such as whether a call came from a user who clicked through to your website from a PPC ad or whether they found you through Google’s organic search engine results.

Additional tips for generating calls

"Placing a clickable phone number link in your website's sticky menu, allows your customers to call you in one tap or click no matter where they are on your website. This is especially handy for service-based businesses for booking appointments, highlighting 24 hour callouts and showing customers you're more than happy to chat with them rather then direct them straight to email." - Sarah from Sarah Laura Design

"A good way to get customers to call you from the website is to make it easy for them to find your number. On Waveband Communications website, the phone number is over on the right-hand side, under the search bar, in a red bolded color so it stands out."

"With WebRTC it's very easy to add calling to any HTML5 based website so customers and site visitors can easily connect with any business without even dialing a

It is also important to make sure your organization has the necessary technology in place to receive a high volume of calls. Whether you need business cell plans, business grade VOIP or on-demand cloud services for contact centres, TelcoCompare can find you the best deal. Request a quote today.

March 7, 2019