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Choosing the best type of Internet for your business

Fast connectivity and reliable internet services are paramount to any business, and although getting online has never been easier,you can still face issues. These include slow speeds, expensive tariffs, and poor customer service. Nonetheless, this essential business service should provide everything you need to keep your company online. So, finding a solution that not only meets your budget but also your data requirements is key to getting the right internet product for your company.

There are a few areas to consider when researching internet services, and this initially entails establishing your current and possible future requirements. Other features such as the price, speed, contract period and the reputation of the provider are also essential aspects to help you to make your decision. To get started, deciding what type of connection you need can break down the possible business packages available.

Take a look at some of the most common business internet types to see how each could benefit your company’s connectivity.

Broadband Internet


One of the most well known choices for businesses,especially small to medium enterprises (SMEs) is Broadband or ADSL Internet.This type of service has been around for the past few decades and has improved significantly in that time. This option is also available across the country and provides a low-cost solution for many organizations.


Fibre Internet


Another popular choice for fast business Internet is Fiber connectivity. This high-speed solution has good availability around the country and provides an efficient and reliable level of service at a reasonable cost. This type of Internet is ideal for all small to medium organizations and can provide guaranteed levels of connectivity to prevent unnecessary downtime.


Ethernet Internet


For a fast and scalable Internet solution for companies of all sizes, Ethernet can provide the perfect connectivity solution.Historically, this type of connection was expensive and lengthy to install. However, in recent years, it has become an affordable way to get super-fast speeds of up to 100gb/s. Installation times have also dropped, so your company can get this service set up quicker and easier than ever before.


Multi-Protocol Layer Switching (MPLS)


Multi-Protocol Layer Switching (MPLS) is a technology that enables a super-fast connection with high bandwidth capabilities. This network is often used in large organizations that have a principal data center and use QoS systems to minimize the effects of a busy bandwidth on company productivity.


SD-WAN Internet


Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is an innovative and super-fast way to get reliable connectivity throughout your organization. This includes off-site locations and data centers. It provides a cost-effective and flexible Internet solution to businesses of all sizes,especially large and corporate enterprises.

Choosing the best Internet option for your business is a crucial decision to ensure everything runs smoothly with little interruption to daily activities. Using Telco Compare, you can discover the best solutions for your company requirements. Contact us to get advice from industry experts, all at an affordable price.

November 9, 2018