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Cell phone plans vs. a fixed line for businesses

Back in the day, a traditional fixed telephone line was considered an essential for businesses. However, the question of whether a company needs a fixed phone line or a business cell phone plan is one that’s becoming increasingly debated. This is thanks to innovations in technology, (such as VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol), and the rise in popularity of remote working. There’s also the simple fact that more start-ups and smaller businesses are choosing to cut costs by operating from home. In this scenario, a business cell phone plan may be more suitable than using a fixed line.

With that in mind, both of these telephony options have their benefits, and which one you choose will depend on the needs of your business. We’ve outlined the advantages of business cell plans and fixed telephone lines to ensure you get the best deal and service…

Business cell phones vs. a fixed line

One of the key benefits of opting for business cell phones is because they offer great flexibility. This is becoming increasingly important for modern workforces, with more and more employers choosing to let their staff work from home, and member of sales and marketing teams travelling from location to location and needing to be able to conduct business on the go.

As well as making it easier for people to work remotely, cell phone plans can also be very cost effective for smaller businesses because you only pay for the minutes, texts and data you need. However, it can get costly buying cell phones for every member of your team as your organization grows. Additionally, a cell phone with endless minutes and texts is of no use if you don’t have coverage! When comparing business cell plan deals, do your research and choose a network that has a good level of service in the locations you operate from.

Alternatively, when it comes to fixed telephone lines, the main advantage the fact that they’re reliable – unlike cell phones, you don’t need to worry about dropped coverage or the battery running dead! A fixed line also provides a number of useful calling features for businesses, including Call Diversion, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, and more.

"Security breaches are also a growing concern for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and a further benefit of choosing a fixed telephone line is the extra level of security it can offer. A fixed line is typically much harder to hack than a mobile device, making it less likely to be targeted." - Digital Pigeon

Could your business benefit from VOIP?

Another option for businesses to consider is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Unlike a fixed line, it uses your existing internet connection and you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware, making it a cost-effective option for smaller organizations. It also offers great flexibility, as a hosted VOIP system is hosted in the Cloud. This means that remote workers can use their business phone system from any location. All you need to do is plug in your phone, and you’re ready to start making and receiving calls!

Whether you choose a cell phone plan, fixed line, or VOIP system to deliver your business telecoms, you want to ensure you get the best price, service and features to suit your needs. Request a quote from TelcoCompare today and will find the best deals and send them to you!

February 25, 2019