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High Speed Internet

High speed internet has never been better.  Business broadband, high speed Fiber, T1, Ethernet or Leased line the internet deals are getting faster, available in more locations and much, much cheaper.

What sort of internet is right for you?

Business Broadband

Business Broadband (also called ADSL) is a low cost service that has been available for almost 20 years. The speeds have improved and you can now get up to XYZ and service is available nationwide.

Low cost
Great for small businesses
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Fibre Internet

Delivered over high speed fiber connections all the way into
you offices, Fiber connectivity is the best choice for a small office.  With low costs and great value for the
bandwidth, you will also benefit from guaranteed levels of availability.

Fast and great value
Great coverage
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The cost of uncontended, super high speed Ethernet has dropped through the floor. With speeds as high as 100gb/s this is the fastest commercially available internet right now. Availability has improved greatly and install times have reduced. This is the scalable internet solution for your business.

Super high speed
Lower install times
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High bandwidth, high performance Multi-Protocol Layer Switching (MPLS) technology connects your business like never before. Provide QoS and prioritise latency sensitive services, build in resilience, and connect it all into a carrier agnostic data centre.

High speed, reliable
To carry worlds most essential traffic
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The future has arrived. Network intelligence built into the software layer allows you to instantly make network wide changes.  More responsive and with lower hardware costs, SD-WANs can benefit from the highest capacity Ethernet, but at a fraction of the cost of MPLS

Great value
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We have little to no downtime with our internet products ever.

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We have little to no downtime with our internet products ever.

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