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Comparing the best Business Phone and Internet Deals?

Telco Compare searches the market for all the best deals for your business’ telecommunications. We find the best deals for VOIP, Hosted PBX, High speed Internet, mobile and cloud services and then select the right one for you! Simple!

Getting the best business telecoms deal has never been so easy!

At TelcoCompare we make it simple. By having relationships with all the leading carriers and technology providers, our independent experts can advise you on the best technology and the best price.



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Making the transition to VOIP or a hosted phone system?

We can help. Low cost, fast internet connections and businesses requiring more flexibility have meant that hosted phone systems are overtaking traditional phone systems.  Not only can a hosted handset mean home workers can have all the same benefits as someone in the office, but they can provide a great disaster recovery option and best of all, no huge start up cost for the phone system!

Looking at 'Cloud' but don't know where to start?

We only work with the best of breed technology providers who can help you move you infrastructure into the cloud safely, affordably and at the right pace for your business. From moving to hosted email, to a completed virtualisation of your infrastructure, we will guide you step by step.

Is your internet too slow?

Have you been told by your existing provider that is the best service for your address or that the only upgrade option is really expensive?  Different carriers provide different services in each location. With new fiber or ethernet technology can provide many times the speed for a fraction of the price of older services.  If you haven’t compared the market, now is the time!

Need to save money?

Compare the best business deals on the market and make the right choice. On average our clients save 23% by switching provider with all the safety of using only the best of breed providers.

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